E.2. Supervision

Technical officers from GAVRN shall be responsible for monitoring the actions programmed in the project, and for preparing inspection reports and any other reports required to inform the Commission, the press and local entities.

Furthermore, an external assessment is to be subcontracted in order to determine the progress of each action and carry out a fair and adequate supervision of the project implementation. The external assessment shall be made by independent teams with proven experience in each of the areas. The assessors shall prepare a report which shall serve as a source to determine the degree of compliance with the objectives.

This external assessment shall include a public opinion poll at the beginning and end of the LIFE project. This will make it possible to quantitatively and qualitatively measure the change in the extent of knowledge and in the awareness and attitude as a result of the implementation of the various communication actions.

The final outcome is the strict and meticulous monitoring of the project based on the reports required to assess the evolution of the measurable indicators defined in each of the actions.


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