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B.2. The purchase of privately owned land for the subsequent restoration of natural habitats.

In other cases, the lands proposed for the recovery of the riverine area are privately owned. The proposal is therefore to purchase these plots of land, as the most feasible solution. Once the purchase has been made, the councils shall be requested to make a commitment to declare these areas to be municipal protected areas so that they can indefinitely be dedicated to the conservation of the restored habitats.

Regardless of the degree of protection that these areas now have (through the regional legislation on the conservation of wilderness areas) the intention is to get the local authorities to give adequate levels of protection for the conservation of these areas, in accordance with their land use planning powers within their territory.

It is proposed that the various Councils make the necessary modifications in the land-use planning of their territory, so that the plots of land purchased and restored are included as "protected land" or "conservation land". The aim is for the local communities to internalise, conserve and locally manage the conservation of these areas, also in the future.

Navarre has an extensive and long-standing tradition in the use of land-planning legislation for the conservation of wilderness areas of particular importance. This has made it possible, together with the specific environmental legislation on wilderness areas, to conserve these areas for a relatively long period of time. In fact, the first wilderness areas in Navarre, including the Nature Reserves in this section of the river, were initially declared as such by a land planning law, Navarre Law 10/1994, of 4th July, on Town and Country Planning. 

During the project execution period, it is expected to purchase approximately 50% of the surface area identified, accounting for some 29 hectares of private land.


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