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What is it? What services does it offer?

What is it?

The Information Point for the "Mink Territory" project is an office providing key support for promoting knowledge of the European mink and its river area, in the lower reaches of the rivers Arga and Aragón (Localities of: Funes, Peralta, Falces, Caparroso, Villafranca, Marcilla, Milagro, Murillo el Fruto, Murillo el Cuende, Carcastillo, Melida and Santacara)

What services does it offer?

Although this is a dynamic centre, designed to grow and evolve in line with the actual implementation of the project, this Information Point offers:

  1. Public information services
    • Public information service (by phone or in person) at the Information Point, which is to travel around the 12 municipalities.
    • Permanent exhibition. To discover more about the European Mink and its habitat, and also the project's areas of work, whilst there is also the possibility of making a virtual tour of the exhibition.
    • Temporary exhibition and reference areas, providing the results of all the different activities organised from this Information Point.
    • Travelling exhibition, ready to be sent to any schools or cultural centres requesting this.

  2. Dissemination tools
    • Different types of Specific leaflets are to be prepared, for each specific scheme.
    • Website to update the results of the various schemes.
    • Social networks are also essential for helping to disseminate the project. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

  3. Awareness-raising and sensitization activities
    • Educational program for schoolchildren. A program of activities has been designed for children at those schools coming within the "Mink Territory".
    • Recreational program directed at youth groups. We are contacting youth groups in order to get motivating ideas that are in line with the project's objectives, directed at helping these groups to implement their ideas.
    • Public festival. Every year a public festival is held with activities for everyone.
    • Photo and painting contest. The rules for the 1st "Mink Territory" Photo Rally can now be downloaded.
    • Sectoral training program. For this year of 2012, there are plans to organise two training schemes, one directed at public sector workers and the other directed at the tourism sector.

  4. Active participation and volunteers
    • Become part of the "Mink Territory" group and take part in the meetings and debates directed at accompanying the works projects, making a detailed study of the alternatives and monitoring the Life+ project schemes.
    • Volunteer program. Volunteer activities will be promoted on a yearly basis, whilst also giving support to those activities performed by other organisations within the territory, provided that these are in keeping with the project's objectives.


    Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A. Fundación Crana Tragsa


    Gobierno de Navarra Gobierno de España

LIFE+ Environmental Recovery of the River Territory: a vital area for the European Mink (Mustela lutreola) | LIFE+ MINK TERRITORY