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Expected outcome

The implementation of this project is expected to achieve an overall improvement in the river ecosystem, leading to the recovery and increase in population of the European mink and its habitats in the area, together with a decrease in the main threats to the mink.

Meanders, wetlands, flood plains, riparian woodland and river beds are to be restored in order to improve the carrying capacity of the area for the target species and the habitats. The project also seeks to achieve a significant change in the importance given by society, its attitude, its perception and attitude to nature, the river territory and the conservation of biodiversity.


    Gestión Ambiental de Navarra, S.A. Fundación Crana Tragsa


    Gobierno de Navarra Gobierno de España

LIFE+ Environmental Recovery of the River Territory: a vital area for the European Mink (Mustela lutreola) | LIFE+ MINK TERRITORY