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Areas of Action

The project is structured around two key areas of action:

  1. Management of the habitat: actions directed at achieving habitat management goals and restoring the natural river ecosystem, the habitat of the European mink.

  2. Communication and participation campaigns: there is a need to establish communication instruments, environmental education and a participation plan to promote the consensus, co-operation and participation of society in the implementation of the project.

With regard to the management of the habitat, the project contemplates the restoration of the natural floodplains, which are currently occupied by agriculture and tree plantations. To do so, there are plans to purchase private plots of land and to lease out the right to use public plots of land, to compensate the loss of profits derived from having to abandon the activities conducted on the flood plains to be restored.

Once agreements have been reached with the private owners and the municipalities, work can then start on removing the ripraps and restoring the habitat. Particular care shall be taken to use native plant species and varieties. This shall be guaranteed by collecting seeds from the site and growing these in nurseries in order to produce the plants required. Invasive species shall also be eradicated, as these plants reduce the biological diversity and are harmful to the conservation of the native species. 

With regard to the communication and participation actions, a permanent project Information Point is to be set up and there will also be specific campaigns on environmental problems (invasive species), street public awareness campaigns, educational programs for schools, the organisation of, and attendance at, meetings and conferences, a volunteers' program and an extensive process of public participation. Some of these actions shall be specifically directed at the different sectors of the local community, although the plan is to reach society as a whole.

Action area

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